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Claudia has been an absolutely fantastic running coach. She has encouraged me to get out running 3 months after giving birth. I have even managed to run a trail race when my son was 4 months old! I am running three times a week consistently, despite having a three-year-old and 6-month-old. I find a great sense of achievement in filling in my google schedule. Claudia regularly checks in with helpful and encouraging comments after each run. My main concerns were of my old injuries recurring and of running after childbirth, however with the strength exercises and gradual increases in intensity I have thankfully been injury free. I would thoroughly recommend her coaching services!

Sayaka Okano

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I started training with Claudia in January 2020. Since becoming a parent in 2018, I had been struggling with emotional exhaustion, finding time for myself, and having a regular exercise routine. 

To get started, I set a goal to run the Rotorua trail Half Marathon. I thought it would be a good challenge, a manageable distance, and a way to spend more time in nature. 

The training plan Claudia set for me was responsive to my goals and lifestyle, and included cycling, yoga and HIIT to complement the running. 

I took great satisfaction in filling out my training spreadsheet after each workout and loved seeing Claudia’s comments and suggestions. Daily tracking of my sleep, mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing was fascinating, and I began to sense a strong relationship between the three measures. Claudia checked in with me multiple times a week, adapted my training regime when necessary, and offered helpful advice around nutrition, running shoes, blisters, training after illness, and seeking professional help for an injury. In a subtle yet profound way, Claudia helped me to cultivate a gentler relationship with myself around running. 

Claudia is a great running coach. She really knows her stuff and her background in sports science and medicine is evident! And she’s wise, compassionate and humorous.  

Charlotte Blythe

Testimonials: Testimonials
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